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BS-L60K & BS-L120K

Model : BS-L60K & BS-L120K
is making new value of industrial settings!

Rubber Cutting Machine - BS-L60K


  • Materials are manufactured by ribbon provision method, so it’s possible to work simply without mixing roller kneader.
  • It’s guaranteed by the degree of cutting weight precision (±1%~±2%) and the degree of precision is always guaranteed after the normal cutting to working completion.
  • As strainer (40+120 mesh) is equipped, foreign substances are eliminated and dispersion becomes better.
  • It’s easy to attach and detach screw, so residual rubber of cylinder can be easily cleaned. And, productivity becomes better because of the short time for exchanging items.
  • Scale for weight is interlocked with main body, so the value of actual measurement is rightly revised.
  • 1 worker can work in several equipments.
  • Machine is cooled by air cooling type, so separate cooling equipment is not necessary.
  • As there is not hydraulic system, electricity cost is reduced to about 30% of existing cost and there is few A/S.
  • It doesn’t adopt hydraulic control system, so it’s eco-friendly in all aspects such as noise, workability, installed place, etc.

Main functions

screw rubber cutting machine

JIG pre-heating box

Box preheating the JIG of item (reduction of working preparation time)

Screw cleaning JIG

Cleaning up by inserting de-molded screw into JIG

Material inlet guide and supply sense

When materials are put, they are smoothly supplied. And, if the supply stops, supply sense is operated and bell is ringing.

Rubber pre-heating box

With the material preheating system, moisture is removed. And, it’s easy to use high-hardness material.

Material inlet and roller

As the inlet of ribbon material, input is controlled by installing roller.

Electronic scale

It’s interlocked with main body, so the value of actual measurement is rightly revised.
item / model BS-60K BS-120K remark
Production capacity(Max) kg/hr 60 120  
Cutting time(Max) times/min 250 250  
Cutting weight(Min) g 0.5 1  
Cutting accuracy % 1~2.5 1~2.5  
Screw diameter(Ø) mm 72 87  
Screw motor HP 15 30  
Cutter motor PPm 1,500 2,000  
Consumption power kw/hr 15 ~ 20 20 ~ 30  
Machine size Length mm 2,230 3,000  
Width mm 1,180 1,240  
Height mm 1,860 2,000  


Bosung Industry's screw rubber fixed quantity cutter significantly enhances raw material cost saving, defect reduction, and productivity.

 Type  Screw automatic injection and extrusion
 Control device  Screw: inverter
 Rubber injection and extrusion
 Blade rotation: Servo motor
 Cooling method  Air-cooling type cooler
 Operation method  Automatic/manual
 Fixed quantity level  General: 1 ~ 2%
 Special: 2 ~ 5%
 Electricity cost  25%
 Noise  None
 Worker  Female, beginner possible (Simultaneous operation of multiple units possible)
 Installation area  50%
 Work safety level  Safe
 Failure rate  Minimal A/S required due to lack of hydraulic device(10%)
 Manufacturing period  50 days
 Made in  Republic of Korea
 Cost saving  1. Loss saving(8%)-Raw material 100 million won/month using company
    (8 million won/month-96 million won/year)
 2. Electricity cost saving-600,000 won/month-7.2 million won/year (Based on usage of 10Hrs/day)
 3. Labor cost 1/2 person saving-1 million won/month, 12 million won/year)
 4. Defect rate 50% improved (debris, dispersion, bubble defect)
 5. Inspection process productivity 30% UP

 *Total: 115.2 million won/year

 Remarks  - Due to not selecting hydraulic control method, it has been designed in an environment-friendly way in terms of noise, energy, workability, and installation location and installation investment cost is inexpensive.
 - Has low weight deviation and can use all types of materials.